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Welcome to the Military Precision Firearms Web site, your Firearms and Military Surplus Store. Our goal is to be your Lifetime Gunsmith, Rifle, Pistol, Ammunition, Training, and Tactical Supplier, our goal is to exceed your expectations with every visit.

We offer Firearms, Accessories, and Gunsmithing for every need:

  • Hunting
  • Target Shooting
  • Personal Defense
  • Firearms Safety Training
  • Concealed Weapons Permit Training

Since 2009 Military Precision Firearm has developed a well-earned reputation for offering a wide variety of quality services and weapons, all at affordable prices. From Handguns, Rifles, Targets, Tactical  Supplies to Accessories and more; you'll always find the selection and service you demand at a price you deserve.

Our philosophy of delivering the latest Precision Firearms affordably inspires everything we do. Together with our customer-first service, it's easy to see why Military Precison Firearms has something for everyone - and always at the most affordable rate.

This Month's Special: The Dream Deal
A Semi-Automatic 7.62 x39 with Grenade Launcher, Bayonet, Scope and Folding Stock for Only: $1499.99
Today at Military Precision Firearms, you can get a firearm full of features  for one low price of only $1499.99.
This one price gets it all!

The Following is available:

Tactical Weapons  Accessories:

  • Slings
  • Scopes
  • Lasers
  • Tactical Lights
  • Holsters
  • Weapons
Concealed Weapon:

  • Weapons
  • Holsters
  • Classes
  • Training
  • Weapons
  • Ammunition
  • Accessories

Coming Soon:
  • Outdoor Firing Range
  • Indoor Firing Range

How amazing is that? All these Firearms Solutions all in one stop, and at one Stop. How could you possibly get more for your money!

What is the ultimate dream weapon from Military Precision Firearms. Take advantage of our Ultimate Dream Deal today; it'll be gone next month!

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